To maximise workspace functionality,
we must first declutter.

For anyone who loves to cook, cleaning up would often be the most dreaded task at the end of every meal.

Some would even say that it is downright frightening to see the sink overflowing with pots, pans and dishes, and there will never be enough place on the drying rack to place them afterwards.

kitchen sink cover

Yikes – whose turn is it to do the dishes??

While this can be easily solved by throwing everything into the dishwasher, nothing beats the satisfaction of a clean pot that is washed by hand, which can also be done within a significantly shorter amount of time than the washing process by a machine.

As a modern interior surfacing alternative, KompacPlus takes pride in our supremely durable KompacPanels with its trademark slim build, and in moving forward with the times, part of our new KompacPlay experience is integrating drainage grooves onto KompacTops to efficiently maximise worktop space functionality.

Save the drying rack for average plates and bowls – doesn’t the countertop look so much neater?

To ensure that water (or any liquids) in the grooves will flow directly into the sink, each channel is carefully cut to be flush with the sink opening, so as to make it more convenient for cleaning as well. Depending on your preference, the lengths and direction of the grooves surrounding the sink opening can be customised to order.

kitchen countertop material

Perfect for countertops with integrated sinks so water flow from the drainage channels directly into the sink.

While the grooves are machine-cut, there is no need to worry about water seepage or leaking through the 6 mm-thick KompacTop. Even when cut with sleek grooves on the panel surface, the panel’s compact build is designed to be impermeable to prevent bacterial growth – ensuring a safe and hygienic multi-purpose surface that is stylishly built for long-term practicality.

If this caught your interest, get in touch with us so we can discuss specifications over coffee, or you can also check out our sink cover application where you can unlock the full KompacPlus experience from one countertop alone.

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