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Some might say that you need to start young to own your own place, but when you are making plans to give your space a new makeover, it is best to start as soon as possible by doing relevant homework to help you decide what you need and want.

When you are browsing through the colour options for a room, your decision goes beyond what your favourite colour is, because colours in interior design come in so many forms – as wall surfaces, floorings, and furniture – even the indoor greens, as well as the homes they are planted in.

So how do we know which ones to choose, and what to match them with?

It takes more than just a good selection of colours to make something look beautiful.
Project by Pins Studio


All renovation journeys should start from the heart – because at the end of the day, your space should ultimately be designed in the image of you.

Everyone has their special something they want and need around them. For some, it can be furniture that has been passed down through generations, or a decade-long collection of books, crockery and house plants. If you are planning for an entirely new space, it can be a new dining table or a sofa set which you have been eyeing for a while now.

When you have that something, it is easier to determine how everything else can fall into place, and most importantly, in the way you want it to.

Even with a compact thickness of only 6 mm, KompacPanels is designed and built to effortlessly take on weight, impact and heavy duty use with little need for maintenance.
Project by Kuro + Kagi Pte Ltd | Countertop | K1.01 Pure White | Plains


To start, consider these: What will this space be used for, and how often will you be using it?

Whether you are designing for one person or six, knowing the purpose of the room or space you are designing is a practical approach to know what elements you need to focus on to ensure that the outcome meets your lifestyle.

Because what you decide on says a lot about you as a person, we can all love the same shade of colour, but how we apply it is totally subject to our preference for form, function and theme.

Do you fancy form over function, or are you the type to decide by theme?


Topped off with an award-winning matte finish, our Plains and Alta Plains offer supreme durability and versatility of our KompacPanels with a neutral palette of solid colours that celebrate the simple joys of living.

Designed and built to last lifetimes, KompacPanels can withstand heavy use with strong resistance against impact, stains and scratches. Even on white and light-coloured surfaces, any accidental spills can be easily cleaned or removed with a wet cloth and mild detergent; making them ideal as kitchen countertops, tables and any work top or surfaces.

One thing good about solid-coloured surfaces is that everything else in contrast naturally stands out.
Project by Kuro + Kagi Pte Ltd | Countertop | K1.01 Pure White | Plains

PLAINS offer an earthy palette of neutral simplicity in six shades. For added class and exclusivity, Alta Plains offers four additional shades with ultra-matte smoothness that can self-restore micro-scratches under gentle heat – enhancing the KompacPlus experience for you with untraceable marks of tear for longer-lasting aesthetics.

Underneath fingertips, the ultra-matte surface is smooth with extremely low light reflectivity.
Project by Hoft Pte Ltd  | Tabletop | K8.04 Grande Black | Alta Plains


Besides nurturing your favourite indoor greens, blossoms or cacti, wood surfaces are another way to let nature into your space, and with our WOODS series, you can have your pick from 12 colours that ranges from ash white to charcoal black; all custom-matched with high quality matte finishing to preserve the distinctive woodgrains for as long as you want.

There’s just something about woodgrains that naturally make a space feel warm and comforting.
Project by Studio 44 Pte Ltd | Wall & Countertop with downturn | K2.05 Pavia Hiskory | Woods

One good thing about our collection of woodgrains is that with the non-porous structure of KompacPanels, it can naturally pull off customisations as wall claddings, staircases, and even vanity tops without you having to go out of your way to maintain its textured surfaces in the long run. Any spills and splashes can be easily wiped dry with a clean cloth or sponge.

Also, for any application that involves two or more connecting pieces, we will also be able to ensure that the woodgrains are aligned as much as possible upon installation.

Woodgrains are the most irresistable when they are aligned and connected from one end to another.
Project by Studio 44 Pte Ltd | Countertop with backer and downturn | K2.05 Pavia Hiskory | Woods


If solid neutrals and woodgrains are a little too basic for your space, our PATTERNS collection offers KompacPanels wrapped in other elements of nature, such as concrete, metal, rocks and stones to create a naturally cooler ambience but without the need for necessary upkeep. (as you would for its actual counterparts).

Take every chance to combine different textures to create beautiful messes of contrasts in colour.
Project by Wee Studio Pte Ltd | Engraved Wall | K3.03 Grigio Cardoso | Patterns

To ensure that the aesthetics of every shade of our PATTERNS are maximised for long-lasting enjoyment, all ten colour options are specially matched with individual textured finishings to give you the unique touch and feel of the actual element(s) as close as possible.

For an touch of added exclusivity, check out our KompacPlay collection for unique ways to enhance visual aesthetics via engraving, tiling and UV printing – all customisable to fit any shape and size of your KompacTop and KompacWall; with ready standard designs available to create stunning combinations of colour and texture.

Whether you are embarking on a DIY project or engaging with interior design experts, start collecting ideas for your very own creative moodboard to help guide you throughout your renovation journey.

Interested to learn more about our colour options? Book a Weekday Live session with us, or request for samples of our Kollection now! For more design inspiration, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, or subscribe to our Youtube channel today!

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