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Be in control of what goes into your kitchen with burner stoves tailored for your cooking needs.

Let’s get one thing straight, no kitchen is complete without a stove, but when kitchens are generally getting smaller in size (especially for most of us HDB dwellers), there are many things that we need to consider in order to achieve a functional balance with free countertop space and other kitchen appliances.

Cooking really shouldn’t be so difficult.

Be it a single burner, or an induction cooker, any one of those is a must for sunny side ups in the mornings and late night Maggi cravings.

So how do you decide which is the best choice for your lifestyle? Is it by the material that allows you the easiest and fuss-free cleaning? Or is it by how nicely the size or design fits in with the rest of the theme?

In collaboration with Reginox, part of our KompacPlay experience is a series of one-of-a-kind built-in stove with burners that can be seamlessly integrated with a KompacTop countertop.

That’s right – just the burners, without the plate.

That means more countertop space with less mess to deal with because there are no rimmed joints for spills to seep under, and anything that falls on the countertop surface can be cleaned and wiped away just as easily with one swipe.

This is the one option that saves space for you right from the point of installation.

Whether you’re a self-taught homecook, or you live off microwaveable meals, the KompacPlay Built-in Stove is the ultimate addition to your kitchen that can enhance any lifestyle with one step closer towards modern minimalism.

Be bold enough to embrace modern cooking on a stove that you can control.

In addition to brass burners and black cast iron pan support features, feel free to cook to your heart’s content with cast aluminum knobs that are insulated to keep heat from spreading onto countertop surfaces.

Each piece of the PITT stove is easy to remove and reassemble for thorough cleaning, and on top of that, not only do they support both LPG and pipe town gas installations, the stoves are also designed with thermal heat protection safety feature that automatically stops the gas supply if flame becomes too weak or goes out.

If you fancy this exclusive addition for your kitchen, check out how our Integrated Sink application can add on to that same appeal. We also provide design recommendations for your KompacPlus cooktop here for the minimum distance required to protect your kitchen backer and backsplash from direct heat. Feel free to get in touch with us, for further assistance, follow us on Facebook and Instagram for regular posts of inspiration.

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