Redefining 'multi-purpose' with bold marks of originality


Each mark is carved with careful precision to tell people what's yours in the most subtle way.


When we are chasing after time to get things done everyday, we are often forced to prioritise on our needs instead of wants, but that does not mean that we should ignore what we want entirely – we just need to be creative.

Applicable on any standing or flat KompacPanel surfaces, engraving is part of our KompacPlay experience that grabs visual attention using modern technology to carve distinctive patterns and designs on the surface of our signature KompacPanels.

Don’t just engrave on countertops – think bigger.

Manufactured under high heat and pressure, the supremely tough build of our panels can allow custom engravings that are carefully cut to reveal the black panel core as the added visual appeal that matches any colour from our Kollection.

Rest assured that even with the engraved grooves, the strong properties of KompacPanels panels will not be compromised in any way. The panel will still remain highly resistant to heat, water, and long-term wear and tear – a unique feature that naturally stands out as an alternative surfacing material for modern interiors.

Not just for walls or countertop surfaces – engraving can also be applied on KompacPanels to make unique gifts.

 As an added measure to ensure that you get the most out of the KompacPlus experience, we also take care to ensure that each engravings are carved with specific dimensions that reduces dust build-up to ease the cleaning process when required.

Don’t these clean lines make you want to brush your hands over them?

Choose from six ready designs to match with our wide variety of colours, or create one of your own to enhance the overall aesthetics of your interior space. For added exclusivitiy, you can even choose to customise the colour of the panel core with a minimum order quantity.

Create one of your own, or choose from a total of 6 ready designs to engrave on your KompacPanel.

Get in touch with us to learn more about this application, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram (@kompacplus) to keep up with our latest updates. Check out our inspirational boards on Pinterest too for ideas on how to personalise your living space!

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