More than just kitchen counters and bathroom vanities, this collection offers a whole new way to bring the KompacPlus experience home.

Unlocking a new unbounded chapter with Greater Than Dsgn

As our Unbounded journey continues into its 12th year, we made an effort to commemorate it with an exclusive collaboration with Greater Than Dsgn – a team of multi-disciplinary creatives who specialises in the illustration of new possibilities for aspiring individuals and brands alike.

Being no stranger to the KompacPlus Unbounded journey, the collaboration was a delightful new chapter for both brands who share the same passion and dedication for creative exploration. Through dedicated research and experimentation, months of hard work paid off in the launch of banchetto – a collection of custom dining tables designed to play up the sleek aesthetics of KompacPanels as customisable table tops with fuss-free aesthetics to match.

Supported by a slender metal leg frame, banchetto is guaranteed to stand tall, strong, and unmoving throughout the day.
Circolare — 6-Seater — BCT602
KompacTop as Table Top — K2.10 Vicenza Scuro Oak — Woods Kollection

A natural elegance elaborated by sleek outlines

Named after the Italian word for banquets, this collection is a celebrated union of artisanal craftsmanship and remarkable aesthetics, both tested and proven to withstand the test of time.

Underneath the signature compact thickness of the KompacTop as the table top, a base panel sits sandwiched in between a 4-legged metal frame designed exclusively by Greater Than Dsgn – creating the first ever KompacPanel application that comes with its own base.

Every banchetto is made up of four main components: the KompacPanel table top, a base panel, and the metal table frame with built-in levellers.

Where the table top is available in two standard designs – Rettangolo and Circolare – with assorted sizes to choose from, the table legs feature built-in levellers to allow flexible height adjustments to accommodate unlevelled flooring and mix-matched seating.

Whether this space is used to work from home or host the occasional dinner parties, banchetto sets new distinction as the social centre for every occasion – a subtle complement in any living space where function is fashioned to serve, foster, and inspire.

A long table with soft corners that fosters proper etiquette with added sense of formality.
A round table with long curves that keeps conversations intimate and naturally inspired.

Playing up the sleek aesthetic appeal of KompacPanels, banchetto offers two standard table top design – Rettangolo and Circolare.

Bringing the best features of KompacPanels to light

Building on the supreme durability of KompacPanels, great consideration was taken into designing a table frame that can equally support and keep up with everyday multi-purpose use.

Where the table top is available in 32 colours from our signature Kollection, the metal frame is dressed with a matte, powder-coated finish – available in black and white – as a protective layer for its metal base.

Inspired by the basics of a clean, minimalist design, the slender build of banchetto stands out in bold, black outlines. Available in matte black and white.

Since the panel is essentially a non-porous by nature, little effort is needed to maintain its aesthetic appeal for long-lasting practical use.

In case of accidental spills or messes, the table surface can be easily cleaned using a wet cloth and mild detergent while wooden scrappers or soft sponges can be used to remove stubborn residues. More tips and recommendations on ways to maintain banchetto tables can be found here.

Made to order in 4 easy steps

Customisable by shape, colour, and size, every banchetto is a handcrafted masterpiece that is made to order, as illustrated below.

For added aesthetic appeal, personalisation of the table top is available upon request with KompacPlay Engraving and KompacPlay MixMatch (additional charges and terms and conditions apply).

Feel free to pull up a chair anywhere you wish to join in on the next conversation.
Circolare — 4-seater — BCT402
KompacTop as Table Top — K1.01 Pure White — Plains Kollection

Looking to elevate your home dining and living experience?

Get in touch with us via [email protected] or contact 6842-0335 to learn more about this banquet-inspired collection today. For more inspirational posts and interior palette recommendations, like and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest today! We’re also on Youtube and TikTok!

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