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Built-In Stove: Modern cooking without plates

At the upper end of minimalist living BUILT-IN STOVE: MODERN COOKING WITHOUT PLATES Be in control of what goes into your kitchen with burner stoves tailored for your cooking needs. Let’s get one thing straight, no kitchen is complete without a stove, but when kitchens are generally getting smaller in size (especially for most of us HDB dwellers), there are many things that we need to consider in order to achieve a functional balance with free countertop space and other

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Integrated Sink: Seamlessness enhanced with joint free design

Tailored to sit flush with your countertop INTEGRATED SINK: SEAMLESSNESS ENHANCED WITH JOINT-FREE DESIGN Add a splash of fun to your kitchen space with colourful matte sinks. When you are renovating for a new space, what does it really mean to get things right down to the last detail? For us, it is more than choosing the right coat of paint – it also involves matching it with the right furniture, fixing it up the right lighting, and rearranging it

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The art of dressing up your interior space

From countertops to walls and custom furniture THE ART OF DRESSING UP YOUR INTERIOR SPACE Experience the 6 mm difference in all shapes and sizes. Some might say that you need to start young to own your own place, but when you are making plans to give your space a new makeover, it is best to start as soon as possible by doing relevant homework to help you decide what you need and want. When you are browsing through the

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Drainage Groove: Do more with less

GOING WITH THE FLOW DRAINAGE GROOVE: DO MORE WITH LESS To maximise workspace functionality,we must first declutter. For anyone who loves to cook, cleaning up would often be the most dreaded task at the end of every meal. Some would even say that it is downright frightening to see the sink overflowing with pots, pans and dishes, and there will never be enough place on the drying rack to place them afterwards. Yikes – whose turn is it to do

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Sink Cover: Giving you all the space you need

CREATE YOUR OWN ALL-IN-ONE PREP STATION SINK COVER: GIVING YOU ALL THE SPACE YOU NEED Wash, prep and rinse all from one spot, on a space that you can hide anytime. These days, having a kitchen with enough countertop space to work on is considered a luxury, so we try to make do with the space we got, and keep things we need to the bare minimum. But if we are really being honest with ourselves, things will be significantly

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