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The Reading Room: Spaces that Talk

GOOD TIMES SPENT IN GREAT COMPANY THE READING ROOM: SPACES THAT TALK A compilation of personalised spaces that serve both work and leisure at any time or day. From homes to cafes, where’s your favourite place to hang out? As beings that are capable of speech, we spend most of our days communicating our thoughts, needs, and wants with the people around us, but words and company aside, have you ever notice how we feel more comfortable in certain spaces

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Interior of the Month: Where Green Roots Grow

ALWAYS SMILING, ALWAYS WELCOMING INTERIOR COLOUR OF THE MONTH: WHERE GREEN ROOTS GROW From mint pastels to enchanting moss green, green spaces is nature’s way of saying ‘welcome home’. What do you think of when you hear the word: green? Since we started changing our lifestyles to spend more time indoors, our expectations towards quality living has definitely taken a turn for the better as we constantly look out for ways to create an interior scene that can keep us

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Perfecting Basics with Arche Interior

THE JOYS OF STORYTELLING PERFECTING BASICS WITH ARCHE INTERIOR Get acquainted with their journey as a growing brand and what keeps them inspired as a client-based studio. Thank you for tuning in to Episode 02 of People Behind Design — featuring Edward from Arche Interior. Where it takes passion to start a brand, it takes more than a good story and hard work to help it grow in the right direction, and we’re stoked to have Edward with us for

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Interior of the Month: Colours

CREATING A SOOTHING WELCOME INTERIOR OF THE MONTH: COLOURS More than just a way to style and attract, colours are essential for creating meaningful spaces that reflect one’s unique personality. When you walk into a space for the first time, what is the first thing that catches your eye? Before we can get close enough to appreciate the finer details that set each space apart, colours are often the first thing that we notice and remember, aside from giant features

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Complimentary Sink Covers to Complement Modern Kitchens

SERVING ELEGANCE WITH SEAMLESS STYLE COMPLIMENTARY SINK COVERS TO COMPLEMENT MODERN KITCHENS Where space matters, don’t miss out on this opportunity to enjoy an exclusive addition for your kitchen space on us. What makes a homecook happy: Compliments for the food, or compliments for their favourite work space? Between quality ingredients and the right technique, nothing charms fellow stay-at-home mums, dads, as well as cooking enthusiasts better than having an environment that is equipped with everything they need to get

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