As creative explorers of KompacPlus, every day is an opportunity for us to push our limits and learn something new.

Watch out world, KompacPlus is moving out of kitchens and bathrooms to be a little more closer to you.

Guided by our passion for sleek aesthetics and the people’s love for individuality, we take pride in our growing portfolio of custom creations over the past few years, and more than just a written record of this exciting milestone, we hope that this blog can be helpful as an inspirational guide for creative expression with our signature 6mm KompacPanels.

This is the room where our magic happens.

More than just asking “why”, this part of our journey is about asking ourselves “why not”.

As a service provider that supplies this material and provides a full suite of services to ensure hack-free applications that are tailored for seamless fittings, we naturally find ourselves in the perfect position to experiment and execute random ideas inspired by our daily life and surroundings.

Following our successful collaborations with local designers in the creation of award-winning exhibition displays for Archidex 2016-2018, we have since stayed on the lookout for opportunities to show off the unique qualities of KompacPanels in unexpected yet still relatable ways, like the creation of customisable table coasters that can be engraved with names or your favourite quotes.

Customisable by shape and size, these table coasters are one of our earliest custom creations that are well-loved by lucky winners of our exclusive giveaways on Facebook and Instagram.

Even though the panel measures only 6mm in thickness, its compact build is guaranteed to help the door hanger to hang perfectly in place for days on end.

These adorable magnet pins were handmade exclusively by our very own team as a token of appreciation for our guests during our 10th anniversary celebration in 2019.

What started out as a way for us to show appreciation to our valued supporters quickly became our favourite pet project to revisit whenever we have free time in between projects.

Between searching for inspiration and new concepts to work on, equal effort is spent to expand our technical capabilities, and through joint efforts of our designers and production crew, we discovered a new way of combining two colours on the same KompacPanel, and shortly after hammering out the kinks and details, MixMatch was subsequently launched in 2020 as part of our KompacPlay collection.

For more information on how to start your MixMatch combination, check out this page here.

As the only KompacPlay feature that allows seamless combination of two of your favourite colours on the same panel surface, every MixMatch panel feels smooth to the touch.
No bumps means no gaps means no cleaning fuss.

Instead of plastic or leather, these KompacPanel bag/luggage tags will definitely stand out to help you identify what’s yours.

It doesn’t happen as often as we want it to, but we love it the most when creativity strikes when we least expected it.

Since early 2020, most of the KompacPlus team has been on work-from-home arrangements, and while we may not entirely miss waking up early for commute, working independently without the physical company of colleagues can make Mondays blues feel longer than usual until an idea came to us one afternoon: Why not give our favourite panels a face, and create something to keep us company?

That was how Willie the Whale was born in July 2021 – a three-piece DIY standee made entirely out of KompacPanels to help make long days at work a little less over-whale-ming.

The first of our exclusive KompacToy series, we hope to add more to this playful collection as we continue to grow – any suggestions on which animals we should explore next? Leave us a comment below! 😉

Any suggestions on what we should we create next?

From award-winning exhibition displays to limited edition gifts and event-exclusive collectibles, our Unbounded journey has become that much more exciting since we started this project, and we hope that this blog is able to give you a better insight of what KompacPlus and our KompacPanels have to offer in the years to come.

For collaboration opportunities or custom order requests, get in touch with us today at 6842-0335 or write in to [email protected], For latest updates on our creative journey, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest! We also provide various DIY tips and educational self-help on our Youtube channel too, do subscribe to stay notified of latest uploads!

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