Every big picture is made up of little details


Place them in a row, or scatter them across the wall - every tile is a piece that completes a bigger picture to accentuate and attract.

Ever wondered why puzzle pieces are so interesting to play with?

While it may take time to finish putting together one puzzle, there is no doubt that the end-product is always impressive.

Do you find them helpful as a way to relax, or do you see them as a challenge to solve using the shortest time possible?

Do you see the bigger picture when you look at this arrangement?

Customisable by shape and size, each tile is cut from KompacPanels into symmetrical shapes and carefully engraved with distinct patterns to build an attractive focal point that naturally blends in with any interior theme.

Whether pointed or curved, feel free to unleash your creativity to create unique design combinations with any colour from our Kollection, or choose from any of our ready designs to complement your new space.




Each set comes with 3 different patterns as part of the whole set.

As fellow appreciators of beautiful interior spaces ourselves, the flexibility of KompacPlay Tiling is specifically ideal for custom designed spaces. Choose from how you want them to look to where you want them to be installed – this application feature allows you to create beautiful sets of tiles that can be different in every piece.

Your imagination is your only limit to create beautiful and unique spaces for all live, work and play.

Other than being a decorative element, these tiles can also be creatively used as kitchen backers or backsplashes to match kitchen countertops for added aesthetic appeal. Building on the natural resilience of our signature KompacPanels, KompacPlay tiles are highly resistant to water and wear-tear from heavy duty use over time.

Got an unique idea on how to apply this KompacPlay application in your home? Get in touch with us at 6842-0335 or email [email protected] For more inspirations, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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