Print anything and everything directly on KompacPanels to create one-of-a-kind interiors that are fade-resistant, easy to clean and exclusively yours.

New spaces are like new chapters in life - they are inspiring, fresh starts that are meant to be celebrated as a way to welcome all things good in our journey, and what makes your space different from others is the memories you keep in it by adding a little personal touch in form of decors and/or accessories.

Some people keep theirs in frames and albums, but with KompacPlay UV Printing, you can print your favourite images directly on our signature KompacPanels – saving space, and ultimately time and energy for cleaning and maintenance in the long run.

Because paper tears, and KompacPanels do not.

Because time is often of the essence in life, we are constantly innovating new ways to enhance efficiency for everyone at home using KompacPanels, and building on the strong durability of our non-porous panels, we also aim to bring the KompacPlus experience to your work place by turning KompacPanels into multi-purpose surfaces that can work for you in various ways.

Create unique surfaces using your favourite images. Pick a candid shot as a wall feature, or a abstract artwork printing for a tabletop surface – the possibilities are endless.

Using ultraviolet (UV) lights, this KompacPlay application involves a photochemical process where ink is dried as soon as the image is printed out directly on KompacPanels – guaranteeing a vibrant and smear-free print on any panel colour of your choosing.

Print out design templates on KompacPanels so you can save time to make text edits at any time you wish.

On top of the flexibility of KompacPanels to be installed over existing surfaces without need for hacking, you can also choose your preferred base colour from the wide range of colours in our Kollection to create custom-made furniture and centrepieces with beautiful visual contrasts.

As a standard, K1.01 Pure White from our Plains Kollection is the base surface for all UV printed surfaces, which comes custom-matched with an award-winning matte finish that adds a textured effect on your new space.

As a high water-resistant surface, KompacPanels can add both colour and function better than any wallpaper.

Wallpapers and paint both fade over time, but with a little love and care, KompacPanels can last for lifetimes. To ensure the best printing results, we do recommend to use images with minimum resolution of 300 dpi. If you are a looking for a more permanent solution, consider engraving, which gives you another option to customise KompacPanel’s black panel core to better match your brand’s visual palette.

Visit our inspirations webpage for more ideas to create the perfect combination of form and function in your work space. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest as well for latest posts and updates!

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