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Since the start of 2021, the lot of us have either been working on alternate on-site schedules or work-from-home arrangements, and as we find ourselves spending more time at home, this ‘new normal’ lifestyle has us picking up new interests such as home gardening and cooking to keep ourselves busy between work, rest, and play.

Regardless of where we are working from, our journey as creative explorers never ends, and following the expansion of our KompacPlay Engraving collection in July 2021, Willie the Whale is one of our latest creations that was inspired by our love for fun and creative play.

Whale, hello there!
KompacPanel as Table Decor
K1.04 | Plains Kollection + K8.03 | Alta Plains Kollection

Between adapting to a constantly changing work schedule and (endless) Zoom meetings, we can literally count the number of times we had actual human interaction in a week on our hands alone, and that got us thinking: Since now is not the right time for human interaction, why not create something to keep us company?

We just adore how Willie sits so charmingly on his big belly.

Despite its adorable whale-inspired self, creating Willie was not without its challenges.

We wanted to create something that brings joy to our work/living space, and with reference to how we love a good compilation of pet videos, we knew we wanted our companion to be in a shape of an animal, but at the same time, we also needed to consider the technical aspects of how we can recreate their image using our 3mm-thick panels.

After spending a few days at the drawing board, four design concepts were subjected to a company-wide vote, and winning by a majority vote, Willie the Whale won his title as the first KompacToy ever to grace our home and workspace.

Winner winner, Willie dinner!

Crafted entirely from our signature KompacPanels, this tiny companion is a three-piece puzzle, consisting specifically of a base stand that connects Willie’s body and tail fin to create a standing table decor that sits well on any table top or shelving.

Since the panel material itself is waterproof by nature, Willie can be easily maintained with a simple wipe down using mild detergent and water. With a little TLC, Willie is a friend that is here to stay for a long, long time.

Check out this video on how Willie can be easily assembled in three steps.

Which animal buddy should we add to our KompacToy collection next?

From kitchen countertops to feature walls and custom furniture, KompacPanels can be customised to become more than just another alternative surface material.

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