Integrated Sink: Seamlessness enhanced with joint free design

Tailored to sit flush with your countertop INTEGRATED SINK: SEAMLESSNESS ENHANCED WITH JOINT-FREE DESIGN Add a splash of fun to your kitchen space with colourful matte sinks. When you are renovating for a new space, what does it really mean to get things right down to the last detail? For us, it is more than choosing the right coat of paint – it also involves matching it with the right furniture, fixing it up the right lighting, and rearranging it […]

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The art of dressing up your interior space

From countertops to walls and custom furniture THE ART OF DRESSING UP YOUR INTERIOR SPACE Experience the 6 mm difference in all shapes and sizes. Some might say that you need to start young to own your own place, but when you are making plans to give your space a new makeover, it is best to start as soon as possible by doing relevant homework to help you decide what you need and want. When you are browsing through the […]

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