KompacPanels: The what, how, and 7 reasons why

THE MAKING OF LONG-LASTING SURFACES KOMPACPANELS: THE WHAT, HOW, AND 7 REASONS WHY What is it made of? Why is it only 6mm-thick? How does it compare to other surfacing materials? We’re covering all these basic need-to-know about KompacPanels for you right here. Nothing says “fresh starts” better than January. With the arrival of a new year, most households would consider reshuffling their interiors or giving them a new coat of paint while going room-to-room to clear out the old […]

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Wrapping up 2020: Our year in review

STAYING WOKE IN THE NEW NORMAL WRAPPING UP 2020: OUR YEAR IN REVIEW 2020 was full of its ups and downs, and we are thankful to have each and every one of you to ride out the storms together. Despite the constant worry for friends and family all over the world, this year was also the kindest that we’ve treated ourselves and others. “Hey, how are you holding up?” “We missed you!”“Stay safe and take care!” No matter where we […]

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