Make yourself a priority


Slow down, and appreciate the good things in life.

Can you remember when was the last time you really let yourself indulge and think: Ah, this is nice?

After a long day at work, and you come home to cook, clean and put the kids to bed – it is in that moment when you slide into the nearest chair, and allow your mind to think of nothing else but the silence that accompany the night.

But honestly, it is not that we do not appreciate the good things in life – rather, it is because we do not have the time. So that got us thinking: How can KompacPlus bring this to the table for you?

Here is a surface that adds class to your space without
compromising on purpose and aesthetics.

It’s not everyday you see maroon in a kitchen with unbelievable ultra-matte smoothness to boot.


On top of the strong panel core of KompacPanels, Alta Plains is part of our latest Kollection launched in 2019 that offers surfaces with ultra-matte finishing in four (4) distinctive colours.

Cured with advanced German electron-beam technology, you will never have to worry about leaving marks on your countertop or wall surfaces again, as Alta Plains are built to be anti-fingerprint, with a unique thermal healing ability that can restore micro-scratches to its original state under the gentle heat of an iron.


Place melamine sponge or damp cloth directly above scratched areas

Apply heat from iron on covered area for 10 to 15 seconds

Micro-scratches magically disappears

Not only are Alta Plains beautiful to look at, this series is also built to handle itself with aristocratic grace. It retained all the best features of a matte finish, such as low light reflectivity and excellent lightfastness that resists discolouration over time, and is also highly resistant to all kinds of wear and tear, including scratches, impact and even heat!

What’s more – on top of being high water- resistant, its stain-free surfaces are easy to clean, and surprisingly anti-static for its silky texture – so no need to worry about accidentally shocking someone (or yourself) after cleaning up! The non-porous surface is tested and proven to be hygienic and safe for long- lasting use, and definitely a pleasant sight at any moment of the day.

Come back to a home that soothes without getting in your way.

Discover its elegance by making an appointment with us at +65 6842 0335 or email [email protected] to see and feel the actual samples for yourself!

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