Wash, prep and rinse all from one spot, on a space that you can hide anytime.

These days, having a kitchen with enough countertop space to work on is considered a luxury, so we try to make do with the space we got, and keep things we need to the bare minimum.

But if we are really being honest with ourselves, things will be significantly easier if we have more space to work on, won’t it?

How do we create more space in our kitchens without it taking a bite out of our pockets?

Is it just us, or do you also spend more time clearing, cleaning and drying countertop surfaces than actually cooking?

Since we cannot change the layout of our kitchen as often as we’d like, why not consider KompacPlay’s sink cover application to create temporary added space whenever you need it?

This is also one way to hide dirty dishes when guests arrive earlier than expected.

Improve your efficiency in the kitchen by turning your sink area into an added work space with flexible sink covers made from KompacPanels! Customisable from colour to design, match your KompacTop with functional high water-resistant lids that can fit any under-mount sinks with seamless flourish – allowing you to do more from where you stand with the water tap within reach!




Depending on how it can bring you the most convenience in the kitchen, feel free to select from the standard designs available, or even customise your own!

With aim to maintain an aesthetically pleasing appearance that suit any interior theme, KompacPlus specially designed its KompacPlay sink covers to feature eased (rounded) corners with neat machine-cut gaps on the flat surface that serve as drainage holes for water or any form of liquid to conveniently flow through without needing to remove the cover(s) – increasing efficiency in the kitchen by reducing time spent from moving around to look for clear space to work on.

While the cover(s) are slim in build, it is sturdy enough to stay firmly closed when you need them to, and have no problem with supporting the weight of other things being put on it.

Feel free to create beautiful contrasts by pairing different coloured sink covers and countertops together!

Convenience aside, we must highlight that even though KompacPlay sink covers are made from panels that are designed for heavy use, they are not meant to be used as cutting boards, so please keep all chopping tasks on proper cutting boards on countertops instead!

Curious to know how it works? Call +65 6842 0335 or email [email protected] to make an appointment with us to visit our showroom! Learn more about our opening hours here – we are open 5.5 days a week (exclude public holidays)!

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