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Interior of the Month: Colours

CREATING A SOOTHING WELCOME INTERIOR OF THE MONTH: COLOURS More than just a way to style and attract, colours are essential for creating meaningful spaces that reflect one’s unique personality. When you walk into a space for the first time, what is the first thing that catches your eye? Before we can get close enough to appreciate the finer details that set each space apart, colours are often the first thing that we notice and remember, aside from giant features

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Complimentary Sink Covers to Complement Modern Kitchens

SERVING ELEGANCE WITH SEAMLESS STYLE COMPLIMENTARY SINK COVERS TO COMPLEMENT MODERN KITCHENS Where space matters, don’t miss out on this opportunity to enjoy an exclusive addition for your kitchen space on us. What makes a homecook happy: Compliments for the food, or compliments for their favourite work space? Between quality ingredients and the right technique, nothing charms fellow stay-at-home mums, dads, as well as cooking enthusiasts better than having an environment that is equipped with everything they need to get

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Interior of the Month: Pattern Play

THE SHAPES THAT MATTER INTERIOR OF THE MONTH: PATTERN PLAY Every living space is essentially a collection of your favourite shapes and colours. Take a good look at your surrounding:Do you see mostly squares or circles? Beyond shades and texture, every room is fundamentally a collection of shapes in assorted sizes. From architecture to décor, every element contributes to the final picture that we come to recognise as home for all live, work, and play. These details are essentially what

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Rising Above with Greater Than Dsgn

THE JOYS OF STORYTELLING RISING ABOVE WITH GREATER THAN DSGN Sharing inspiration through casual conversations with the people that made our journey count. With the arrival of 2022, what better way to start fresh in the new year than with a whole new way to an entirely new experience? As part of our ongoing efforts to enhance the KompacPlus brand experience for our brand community, we launched our first podcast episode on Spotify where we had a spirited conversation with

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Interior of the Month: Bridging Space with Curves

LET GOOD VIBES FLOW INTERIOR OF THE MONTH: BRIDGING SPACE WITH CURVES The subtle connection that joins and flows without end. Everyone wants to feel welcomed when they walk into a room. No, we’re not talking about red carpets and applauses. We’re talking about the mood. Whether it is to work, rest or socialise, the right ambience in a room is crucial to help people connect with their surroundings, stay focused, and keep conversations going. With standard rooms being built

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