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Wrapping up 2021: A year in review

WHERE SMALL STEPS LEAD WRAPPING UP 2021: A YEAR IN REVIEW Looking back at all the moments that made our 12th year of Unbounded discoveries count. First and foremost, shout out to our amazing crew who made it all possible. Between the ongoing social-distancing limitations, back-to-back conferences, and long hours at the drawing board, no words will ever be enough to express our thanks and appreciation for our crew whose dedication remains as the never-ending source of inspiration in our

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banchetto: Serving purpose with seamless style

WHERE INSPIRATIONS GATHER BANCHETTO: SERVING PURPOSE WITH SEAMLESS STYLE More than just kitchen counters and bathroom vanities, this collection offers a whole new way to bring the KompacPlus experience home. Unlocking a new unbounded chapter with Greater Than Dsgn As our Unbounded journey continues into its 12th year, we made an effort to commemorate it with an exclusive collaboration with Greater Than Dsgn – a team of multi-disciplinary creatives who specialises in the illustration of new possibilities for aspiring individuals

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Keep it natural: Discover the appeal of rustic living

THE ART OF KEEPING IT NATURAL KEEP IT NATURAL: DISCOVER THE APPEAL OF RUSTIC LIVING When it comes to interiors, there’s always more than one way to keep it plain and simple. What do you expect to see when you hear “rustic homes”? Do you picture yourself in front of a warm fireplace, or do you think of a well-aged and run-down environment where you will spend more effort chasing after repairs than actually living in it? Although fireplaces are

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Letting one colour dominate: Understanding the basics of a monochromatic interior palette

MAXIMISING THE APPEAL OF A LIMITED PALETTE LETTING ONE COLOUR DOMINATE: UNDERSTANDING THE BASICS OF A MONOCHROMATIC INTERIOR PALETTE How many colour does it take to add life into an empty space without letting it become our source of distraction? Can you imagine yourself living in a world that’s only black and white? Would you dress your work space with the same colours as your resting space? Imagine spending every day in a space where each room is defined by

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Simply natural: Keys to comfortable Scandinavian living

Bring nature home in subtle ways SIMPLY NATURAL: KEYS TO COMFORTABLE SCANDINAVIAN LIVING Make the most out of natural light with our signature woodgrain Kollection, available in 12 natural shades. If simplicity and practical function is all you ask for in a living space, then the Scandinavian theme may be the perfect lifestyle setting for you. With emphasis on the use of muted colours to maximise space and natural lighting, this interior theme is best suited for minimalists at heart

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