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Keep calm and have fun with KompacPlay

MORE THAN FLAT SURFACES KEEP CALM AND HAVE FUN WITH KOMPACPLAY Sometimes, less is more, and even in simplicity there is ultimate sophistication and beauty. For years, we have been helping people create practical spaces using our trademark KompacPanels. From kitchen countertops, our product showcase grew to include wall claddings, television consoles, bay windows, shelving, staircase, cabinet doors, and various custom furniture. We take pride in the flexibility of our panels to be more than just flat surfaces, and as

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Alta Plains: The reign of ultra matte

Make yourself a priority ALTA PLAINS: THE REIGN OF ULTRA-MATTE Slow down, and appreciate the good things in life. Can you remember when was the last time you really let yourself indulge and think: Ah, this is nice? After a long day at work, and you come home to cook, clean and put the kids to bed – it is in that moment when you slide into the nearest chair, and allow your mind to think of nothing else but

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Experience Life Unbounded

CLAIM A NEW SENSE OF ADVENTURE EXPERIENCE LIFE UNBOUNDED A celebration of 10 years with a welcoming of a new beginning. It was a night of creative wonder as we celebrated our 10th-year anniversary at the prestigious Alkaff Mansion, surrounded by more than 300 family, friends and business partners from relevant interior design and architectural industry. Accompanied by various live performances, interactive display activities and award-winning art installations from previous years, the mansion was entirely transformed to inspire guests with an exclusive preview of a space-defining journey

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Forma E Funzione

ARCHIDEX 18 FORMA E FUNZIONE Travel not for the distance, but for the sensations and experiences that comes along with every step forward. This award-winning display showcases KompacPanel’s flexibility for customisation while maintaining strong, stable form, and was recognised for Best Booth Design in the Standard Structure Category. Designed and crafted from our signature woodgrains Kollection, the rich warmth of wood creates beautiful depths in the likeliness of natural mountain crag in a creative display of form and function using

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An Oasis of Possibilities

ARCHIDEX 17 AN OASIS OF POSSIBILITIES Stalk across the weathered paths, and uncover the truths behind each mystery. This assembly of 25 KompacPanels was awarded with the Bronze Award for Best Booth Design in the Standard Structure Category. Delicately carved into gentle slopes, panels in assorted size and colour were tastefully arranged to create a mirage of an endless stretch of mountains that are waiting to be explored.

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