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Essentials only: Living with less in minimalist homes

TIMELESS BEAUTY EXISTS IN SIMPLICITY ESSENTIALS ONLY: LIVING WITH LESS IN MINIMALIST HOMES Just because we can live with the bare essentials, doesn’t mean that we can’t be classy about it. How many of us are actually able to adapt and accept the idea of living with only the bare essentials? To us, one of the biggest pleasures about having a private space to come home to is being able to surround ourselves with things (and people!) we love. From

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Our journey so far: Finding new purpose on the edge of innovative fun

BETWEEN EXPECTED OUTCOMES AND UNEXPECTED DISCOVERIES OUR JOURNEY SO FAR: FINDING NEW PURPOSE ON THE EDGE OF INNOVATIVE FUN As creative explorers of KompacPlus, every day is an opportunity for us to push our limits and learn something new. Watch out world, KompacPlus is moving out of kitchens and bathrooms to be a little more closer to you. Guided by our passion for sleek aesthetics and the people’s love for individuality, we take pride in our growing portfolio of custom creations over the past

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KompacPanels at work: Finding Zen at Hvala

MORE THAN JUST A PRETTY FACE KOMPACPANELS AT WORK: FINDING ZEN AT HVALA In the company of matcha lattes over KompacTop countertops. How many times have you came across KompacPanels in a public space? A few years back, we helped a local tea house in CHIJMES built a custom-made bar island countertop, and in a recent trip to Hvala one afternoon, we are pleased to share that the bar counter is still standing strong and looking as pretty as ever.

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Meet Willie: Our new tabletop companion

SPENDING QUALITY TIME WITH THE RIGHT COMPANY MEET WILLIE: OUR NEW TABLETOP COMPANION When the weather’s fine and the water’s calm, we deep dive into all the possibilities that tomorrow may bring. If you have yet to meet our new favourite toy pal, you best head over to our IG now and hit the bright blue FOLLOW button on top. Since the start of 2021, the lot of us have either been working on alternate on-site schedules or work-from-home arrangements,

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Marked for life: Engraving memories

ADDING BOLD STYLE ON TOP OF EVERYDAY FUNCTION MARKED FOR LIFE: ENGRAVING MEMORIES Because nothing says exclusivity like something marked to be yours Let KompacPlay Engraving help you add bold style on top of the practical surfaces of KompacPanels. Launched in 2019, Engraving is one of our many customisable features that we can offer to enhance the modern lifestyle experience for our valued clients with KompacPlus. Whether you fancy the neatness of straight lines or the softness of round curves,

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